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This just in to ZEST from the Virginia Department of Historic Resources: Historical Highway Markers Approved In time for Black History month in February

  • Built in Cleveland, Ohio, by Variety Iron Works in 1889, the pin-connected Pratt truss bridge now known as the John G. Lewis Memorial Bridge was installed for service in 1890 on Virginia’s Leesburg and Alexandria Turnpike, present-day Route 7, in Loudoun County. In 1932, the bridge was relocated to Featherbed Lane over Catoctin Creek. Standing at 159 feet, the structure is among the longest metal truss bridges still in use in the state. In 1974, local organizations rallied to preserve the bridge. With the support of the Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition, the bridge was again protected in 2015, the year the community named it for local preservationist John G. Lewis, who documented more than 700 historic structures in the region.

  • Please note: the markers do not Grand Champion Market Hog, exhibited by Jordan Kelly of Clarke County and purchased for $17,000 by BMB Steel, McGuire Woods LLP and Smithfield Foods.

  • “honor” their subjects but rather to educate and inform the public about a person, place, or event of regional, state, or national importance. In this regard, erected markers are not memorials.

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