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Huntland: The Historic Virginia Country House, the Property, and Its Owners

Huntland Marc Leepson

Michael Biddy, owner of Michael Edward Biddy Interiors and the classic gift show, the Fox and Pheasant in Boyce, Virginia, now has copies of the book, Huntland: The Historic Virginia Country House, the Property, and Its Owner autographed by the author Marc Leepson.  

The coffee table size book is a history of the famed Middleburg fox-hunting estate. The compelling narrative delves into the rich history of Huntland, tracing its roots back to the 1830s when master builder William Benton first crafted the original house.

Collaborating with architectural historian Maral S. Kalbian, who wrote the National Register of Historic Places nomination for Huntland, Leepson, who has done ten other books, unfolds the saga of Huntland, chronicling its evolution into the third decade of the 21st century. The narrative weaves a tapestry of fascinating and vibrant characters, spotlighting the Gilded Age tycoon Joseph B. Thomas, whose transformative vision in 1913 elevated Huntland to become one of the nation's foremost fox-hunting establishments.

The Huntland story further unfolds with the Brown Brothers, George and Herman of Houston, influential figures from the giant construction company Brown & Root, who acquired Huntland in the 1950s. Notably, the narrative culminates in the modern era with the accomplished horsewoman and philanthropist Betsee Parker, who restored the house, kennel, and stable to their original early 1900s splendor after purchasing Huntland in 2010.

This historic preservation odyssey is replete with intriguing twists and turns, offering readers a captivating journey through time. The narrative concludes on a triumphant note, ensuring that this tale of Huntland preserves the legacy of a bygone era and celebrates a gratifying and inspiring conclusion. For details contact Fox and Pheasant at 540-837-5589 or at The shop is located at 114 East Main Street in Boyce.

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