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The Museum of Hounds & Hunting, North America

The circa 1810 brick building at 11 West Washington Street will debut as The Museum of Hounds & Hunting in Middleburg in time for the Christmas Parade.

The Museum of Hounds & Hunting has a new satellite location at 11 West Washington Street, be sure to stop in for a visit and more details in the next issue of Country ZEST & Style.

Known as the Duffy House, the stately circa 1810 brick building is across the street from the Safeway. The collection will be in addition to their Morven Park location in Leesburg where they have occupied an upper floor since 1985.

In Middleburg, visitors will be granted access to the myriad books, essays, and research papers that will provide history along with art, artifacts, and memorabilia. They are planning to schedule fireside chat discussions to the list of events.

Nancy Bedford, one of the original founders of the organization, has made it her life’s purpose to make sure this museum prospers.

“She’s been amazing in her diligence at spearheading this,” said her step-daughter, Cricket Bedford, a local real estate professional who helped guide the approval process for the museum with the Town of Middleburg.

The Museum of Hounds & Hunting will provide much-needed space for preservation and a distinctive place for retail sales of books, posters, note cards, and prints.

Details at 540-717-1228 and


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