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The harvest season at the Fauquier Education Farm at 8428 Meetze Road in Warrenton has come to a close. Cabbage and broccoli are considered cool season crops but this fall they had several very cold days that threatened the crop. On one of them, 26 hardy volunteers still showed up to help neighbors in need. They harvested 1,384 pounds of cabbage and broccoli that was all donated to the Fauquier Food Bank, the Haymarket Food Pantry, the Bull Run Emergency Food Pantry and the Northern Virginia Food Rescue. The generosity of these volunteers who came out to help on such a cold morning was impressive. The season donation total is now up to 102,262 pounds.

For the final harvest, they worked to see what could be salvaged in the cabbage patch. Fortunately, most of the frost damage was just on the outer leaves and once they were peeled away, a perfectly fine cabbage emerged. These cool season crops can take a frost, but temps in the teens can cause some serious damage.

Save the date: Monday, December 5, from 6 to 8 p.m. for a Fauquier Education Farm information session. The group also asks volunteers to initially sign a liability waiver. As always, while at the Farm, all minors must be accompanied by an adult.

They do not work in a steady downpour. If they have specifically mentioned they’ll be working in the high tunnel or barn (inside), then work sessions will not be cancelled due to rain. Use your best judgment.


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